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What's new in Scia Engineer version 2011

Eurocodes Leadership

The o​bligatory use of the Eurocodes started in most European countries in 2010. They gradually become the standard solution in engineering practice. Scia Engineer continuously follows the developments in the field of these European standards. 

Scia Engineer version 2011 extends the current set of implemented National Annexes and integrates the latest versions including corrections sheets.

Interoperability and Open BIM

Scia Engineer is a pioneer in Structural BIM and continuously focuses on the overall interoperability with other CAD/CAE systems. Many direct links with wide spread CAD/CAE applications are available.

Besides this, Scia Engineer, as the first CAE program with the IFC 2x3 certification, promotes Open BIM, which means the exchange of the model between different applications through a versatile and open standard.

User Experience

Version 2011 comes with a whole range of improvements that will streamline the everyday use of the program.

The improvements are based on remarks and comments made by our customers. They have been made in all parts of the program, which means that every user will benefit from them, regardless of the type of structures or material he or she deals with.

Special Tools

  • ECtools - Seismic Design: A stand-alone post processor linked to Scia Engineer for design of concrete buildings according to the EC2 and EC8.
  • Scia Desk - Cloud Computing: Scia Desk provides for unlimited cloud backup of user projects, ...
  • Augmented Reality: an external augmented reality tool


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