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United Kingdom
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Job description

SCIA is hiringWe are hiring a Customer Service Pre-sales employee, providing services through sales assistance to help sales with their technical demos. You will also be providing training towards customers in their process to learn SCIA Engineer. Assembling the customer’s requests and remarks, convert them into requirement for the Product Management or into bugs for the Development Management in to achieve a better quality of the product.



Responsible for answering questions about the software to provide information for other departments, with as biggest goal to support sales in their activities:

  • Responsible for supporting sales by their sales activities and providing answers for their questions to enable them to approach the market with a prior knowledge. This is needed for enhancing the effectiveness of the sales efforts and improving the professionalism of SCIA towards customers and prospects.
  • Giving technical sales demos for the local sales team.
  • Responsible to communicate the most asked features for the product towards the Product Management to achieve a higher quality of the product
  • Responsible for providing correct information about known and found bugs towards the Development Management. This necessary to continuously improve the quality of the product.


Responsible for giving training for customers

  • Responsible for transfer know-how about our product towards the customers.
  • Responsible during trainings to put customers in the position to acquire a thorough insight into the functionalities of the software, such as to realize good practice and productive use of the software.
  • Responsible for building up an efficient training organization to achieve a good quality of our external trainings.


Help desk for customers

  • Responsible for a correct answer on the questions of our maintenance customers.
  • Responsible to help the customer installing the software.
  • Responsible to increase his/her knowledge, as well for the knowledge about our products, as the theoretical knowledge behind it, so studying and training is a part of his/her job.
  • Needed to transfer customer requirements and demands for future developments towards our Product Management to achieve a better quality of the product.
  • Responsible for testing and documenting bugs and problems and transferring them towards the quality and development department to achieve a better quality of the product.
  • Responsible to communicate the solution of customer’s bug towards the involved customer(s) when it is corrected and provide, if possible, workarounds if the bug is not corrected yet.



The Customer Service Engineer need to have several skills to be able to manage the job successfully. He/she has a master’s degree in engineering, by preference in civil engineering or the same by experience. Experience with models in our software is an advantage and calculation experience in an engineering company is a plus.

Technical Skills

  • Insight in theoretical calculations
  • Documentation, reporting and presentation skills
  • Language: profound knowledge of the language(s) needed for the countries he/she is responsible for
  • Good computer skills

Soft Skills

  • Strong Technical and Interpersonal Communication
  • Be a team player
  • Problem-solving and analytical mindset
  • Be flexible and reliable
  • Be friendly and helpful towards customers


What we offer

A multicultural environment with lots of energy, drive and open communication.
Being part of an international company with premium product positioning and part of the Europe’s number 1 construction software group, the Nemetschek Group.
Home office opportunity.
Package of extra-legal benefits, next to an attractive base salary.
Significant yearly bonus linked to achievement of personal goals and results of the company.
Personal development plan for personal growth and a successful career path.



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