Product Designer UX/UI

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Belgium, Czech Republic
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Job description

SCIA jobsThe SCIA Product Development team is looking for someone who is passionate about user-centered software design with a proven track record designing and delivering easy-to-learn, easy-to-use desktop applications and web-based products and services. The successful candidate can immerse herself in the mental model of end-users, establish and use quantitative metrics and qualitative research to create, visualize and communicate software product designs and follow this through until developed and delivered to the market.



You will partner with product managers, software development teams and other stakeholders to elevate the user experience of a mature desktop application and to bring innovation into our web-based products and services.



  • User Advocate
    • Develop and validate an understanding of the different user segments, their needs and workflows.
    • Establish and lead the process of qualitative and quantitative research to identify opportunities and validate ease-of-use and ease-of-learning.
    • Work with product management to identify and prioritize product features that will provide benefits to the users on the short-term.
    • Contribute to the product and technology roadmap.
  • Product Design
    • Design and evaluate alternative solutions for the business requirements on the product roadmap.
    • Visualize and prototype intended solutions at various levels of fidelity. Meet and collaborate with users, subject matter experts and software engineers to validate designs and make iterative improvements.
    • Compose documentation using text, diagrams, illustrations, and/or prototypes to support the implementation of design proposals. Documentation can range from high-level wireframes or mock-ups with call-outs to conceptual presentations to highly technical documents and diagrams.
    • Promote and support the principles of user-centered design and strive toward cohesive solutions across functional areas.
  • Execution
    • Deliver design specifications for use by a wide range of audiences including Software Development, Quality Assurance/Test Development, test plans and documentation to ensure accuracy of desired application results.
    • Assist software engineers during the development of the design specification, test and validate development conform the design intent.
    • Work in project teams with subject matters experts, software engineers and testers to deliver shippable product features and improvements respecting scope, budget and milestones.
  • Innovation and continuous improvements
    • Approach the design process as a continuous improvement process in which you adopt a structured approach to hypothesize-build-measure-improve.
    • Participate in R&D projects to bring innovation into our product and service offering, technologies used and the way we enrich user experience.
    • Actively identify opportunities, lead and/or participate in improvement initiatives in product design and development.


Experience and Technical Know-How

  • Up-to-date expertise in user-centered experience design and trends
  • Familiar with storyboarding, task analysis, competitive analysis, card sorting, and other user research tasks to capture and develop user requirements 
  • Story mapping, personas & user stories
  • Design patterns
  • Data modelling (& archetypes)
  • Designing within an agile development process


Top skills

  • Creative thinking and problem solving
  • Great visual, verbal and written communication skills
  • Accuracy
  • Team player
  • Fluency in spoken and written English



  • Bachelor's Degree in a Human Computer Interaction, Computer Graphics and Interaction, Interaction Design or related field.
  • At least two years of relevant experience for desktop and web applications


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