Software Development Team Manager

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Czech Republic
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Job description

We are looking for an Software Development Team Manager. 

You will be leading our Core Product Development Team consisting of high-profile software engineers and architects responsible for the foundation and software infrastructure of our product, frameworks for anticipated product developments as well as the growing library of reusable components for internal and external use. Critical components include SCIA Engineer’s database server, APIs, service integration platform, license protection system, GUI, etc. 

Besides maintaining an outstanding and reliable team performance, you will champion software engineering excellence throughout the development organization as well as a culture of an open and inquisitive mindset, collaborative approach, service oriented through the ease of (re)use & understanding of in-house developed software. 

You report into the CTO.


Main areas of responsibilities

1.    People and Team Management
a.    Take care of the well-being and happiness of all team members
b.    Performance coaching of your team and its members
c.    Support personal growth of your team members, in line with the ambitions of the employee and the objectives of SCIA
d.    Participate in the recruitment of new employees

2.    Core product and framework development
a)    Design, develop, document and maintain the SCIA Engineer core components, reusable software and frameworks with premium quality (guaranteed through unit, integration and other automated tests)
b)    Maintain code ownership for all product areas of responsibility  
c)    Continuous integration and regular internal releases
d)    Collaborate with 3rd parties on a project-by-project basis

3.    Continuous improvements and knowledge sharing
a.    Coach software engineers
b.    Actively contribute to the software engineering community through training and knowledge sharing sessions
c.    Suggest improvements at team, development and company-level, contributing to our company and development objectives and take up leadership in the execution of some selected improvement projects.
d.    Implement and stimulate continuous improvement practices within the team (small, bottom-up improvements; ideas & realisation)

4.    Leadership
a.    Be a role model in our company values and development culture 
b.    Champion software reuse and overcome obstacles 
c.    Actively contribute to the design and execution of the development strategy 
d.    Actively contribute to and support strategic and management decisions

Your experience and technical know-how

•    Experienced software engineer with advanced knowledge of C++ and .NET
•    Hands-on experience with different application integration technologies (e.g. API, Cloud computing, PaaS, Enterprise Application Integration, in-memory)
•    Skilled in architectural design and the use of design patterns
•    Experience in setting up and tooling for continuous integration and delivery
•    Experience with development in Visual Studio

Top skills

•    Outstanding software engineer
•    Inquisitive and investigative in recent and emerging software technologies
•    Results-driven 
•    Team player and coach
•    Fluency in spoken and written English


•    University degree in computer science

What we offer

  • Be part of an international company with product leadership in Europe and a strong financial backing of our parent company Nemetschek.
  • Package of extralegal benefits next to attractive base salary
  • Company car
  • Relevant yearly bonus linked to achievement of personal goals and results of the company
  • Personal development plan supported offering possibilities for personal growth and a successful career path.
  • You can choose to join our team in our office in Prague (CZ) or Brno (CZ)


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