Free Open BIM Course Helps Structural Engineering Students, Faculty & Professionals Learn About BIM

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Tuesday, 11 September, 2012
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Press Release

Sponsored by Nemetschek, this free resource helps students understand the role structural engineers play in today's BIM process

September 11, 2012 Columbia, Md.—To help structural engineering students, faculty and professionals learn more about Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the impact it has on today's structural engineering workflows, the Nemetschek Engineering Business Unit has sponsored a free course to help teach BIM from the viewpoint of the structural engineer.

The curriculum is organized as a self-paced lab, and takes between four and six hours to complete.  An illustrated, step-by-step Open BIM instructional guide, lab exercise files and copies of Scia Engineer 2012 software can be downloaded for free at the Nemetschek Scia Campus website: Professionals can request a Tryout Edition of Scia Engineer from:

The course is designed to guide structural engineering students through an example building-based project, while highlighting the benefits and considerations of working in a collaborative, model-based workflow.  Students will gain firsthand experience with Industry Foundation Class (IFC) model exchanges, and because the exercises are based on Open BIM, the concepts learned in the course can be applied to almost any BIM workflow.

“More and more structural and civil engineering students are looking for Building Information Modeling experience,” says Dan Monaghan, Nemetschek Scia’s Managing Director, North America. “With our Open BIM course, structural engineering students and professionals will learn how to leverage architectural design models into analysis, while checking and optimizing architectural designs using the latest in Finite Element software.  The course illustrates the benefits of working in an integrated design environment, where calculation reports and drawings are automatically coordinated with the engineering design, as well as how to pass back optimized structural models for reference and model coordination.”

To download the free Open BIM Course, please visit: For more information, please call: 877-808-7242 or email: [email protected].

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