The new Allplan 2013 and Allplan Exchange offer users a saving of up to 20 hours per month

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Tuesday, 16 October, 2012
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Press Release

Germany/Munich, October 16, 2012 – According to a current ArchVision study, designers spend on average 5.7 hours a week creating, sending and archiving plan data in order to share this with up to 10 project participants. Allplan Exchange − a combination of Allplan CAD and web service − draws together this time-intensive, administrative task into a single step. As a result, architects and engineers have more time for planning and design. The new CAD version Allplan 2013 also offers numerous additional functions − for example for realistic visualizations and intuitive reinforcement planning.

"With the new version and in particular with Allplan Exchange, Allplan is growing even closer to web services. Allplan 2013 is thus precisely tailored to the requirements of the AEC industry, now and in the future. During the entire construction process, we support our users even more effectively with innovative tools and unburden them from routine tasks, so that they have more time and freedom for their essential work," says Sven Larsen, CEO Nemetschek Allplan Systems GmbH.

More than two thirds work without digital plan management
Architects spend 11 percent of their working time exporting, sending and archiving plan data, and only 29 percent take advantage of the efficiency offered by a digital online platform for this. This was revealed by an ArchVision study conducted in the third quarter of 2012 among 1,200 architects in six European countries (United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands).

86 percent of those asked send their plans via e-mail, while 29 percent send CAD plan data in traditional paper format. Another 26 percent exchange their plans via an FTP server (multiple answers were possible). This complicated procedure costs users time and is also prone to errors.

The solution: Exchange with Allplan Exchange
A system for digital plan management such as Allplan Exchange in Allplan 2013 can provide help here: With Allplan, plan attributes such as the plan index can be edited with ease. The plans generated in the CAD system can also be easily exported and sent via a web-based project platform. As a result, all those involved in the project have access to the latest plan data at all times. 

Overview of the most important new Allplan 2013 features: 
For architects: Realistic visualization

The realistic visualizations for professional presentations are another decisive advantage. The "Global Illumination" render method for the realistic portrayal of lighting conditions and reflections and the hidden line image with shadow for a better 3D portrayal of views are particularly worth highlighting. With the Allplan Connect palette, designers can now select previously separate online content easily and transfer it directly into their CAD plan. 

For engineers: Intuitive general arrangement and reinforcement planning
Engineers benefit from intuitive general arrangement and reinforcement planning with parametric components including reinforcement and simplified reinforcement labeling. The extended "Associative Views and Sections" function also helps to improve efficiency. With the new options for collision control and color-coded reinforcement display, Allplan 2013 provides optimum support for the BIM working method. The adaptation to international standards has also been made easier, which engineering firms operating internationally will particularly appreciate.

For facility managers: Requirement-oriented adaptation of processes
Facility managers can expect even greater efficiency in Allplan Allfa 2013: For example, the new Allfa Process module contains a process modeler and an interface designer to ensure maximum adaptation of the processes to a company's own processes and requirements. Allplan Allfa can also be easily integrated in existing systems. Other new features include a bidirectional interface and a new GFX viewer.

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