Con-Form AS


Conform is one of the largest precast parts companies in Norway, which is now also expanding to Sweden. As construction projects are becoming more sophisticated and the require-ments for the precast parts companies are becoming more sophisticated, it was decided to acquire the new 3D planning software.

"We did not make the decision in favour of a new CAD system easily. Many months of testing, training and project work were required. The main decision-making criteria, how easily learn-able, suitable for engineers, a complete system that also supplies data for ERP and ma-chines and dealing with people who speak our language, ultimately clinched it for Ne-metschek. Our decision was right; the first workstations were quickly productive, i.e. after only 2 weeks. Now, we can allow ourselves the effort of already formulating the project during the offer phase, in order to obtain dimensional certainty. An inestimable advantage in competition.

T.Clasby / Manager CAD