Top marks for Allplan Engineering

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The school center in Furth im Wald, Bavaria, opened its doors around 40 years ago. Since then, pupils have been attending, and sharing classrooms, school yard and assembly hall. Now it was time to put the buildings through a thorough check. A new spatial concept aims to ensure harmonious school processes while being sustainable and future proof. According to this new concept the elementary and secondary school will continue to be a part of the same building complex, but they will be split into two separate areas, each with its own school yard. A new assembly hall will be built for the secondary school. The current hall will only be used by the elementary school. A new roof, higher ceilings, better lighting via skylights and a modern facade will also provide for a pleasant environment.

Engineering office steinhofer + kollegen are dealing in this project, which is scheduled for completion in 2014, with all aspects of fire protection and structural engineering. This includes developing a flexible and economically feasible overall fire protection concept that can be continuously adapted to the respective building section. “The big challenge here is ensuring school life continues during construction works,” explains Bernd Steinhofer, the general manager of the steinhofer + kollegen engineering office.

For reinforcement detailing, the office is increasingly working in 3D. The virtual building model contains all the project-relevant information and allows for the overview of the entire design and construction phase. “To illustrate complex details, we create isometric sketches or exploded diagrams”, says Steinhofer. The 3D reinforcement is particularly efficient when changes are made: all corrections are made centrally just once, and are then automatically transferred to all plans and lists. “The 3D reinforcement results in a far lower risk of errors. As the construction process can be run through beforehand in the building model, we can identify any inconsistencies and collisions in advance,” the engineer says. steinhofer + kollegen also works in 2D if time is particularly tight. Bernd Steinhofer: “Allplan supports our complete planning process because it lets us work the way we need to.”

If many partners are involved in a project, the end-to-end communication proves extremely valuable. For that steinhofer + kollegen uses the Allplan interfaces to smoothly transfer data from partner companies to the office‘s own plans. If necessary, the engineering office forwards a 3D-PDF model. This pays off because it allows a virtual building to be viewed in 3D on any PC. There are therefore fewer questions from clients, planning partners and contractors, and the planning reliability increases. It is therefore a procedure that makes an important contribution to the project success.