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Step 1: Leave us your information

SCIA offers you the possibility to request a Free Software Trial that allows you the necessary of time to get to know our products and services better. This way you can explore and evaluate for yourself if we deliver what we promise.

Only for Professionals!  |  Students can request free academic software licenses here...


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Step 2: Our Sales team will contact you

Before we can send you the download link of your trial software, a regional sales representative will need to approve your request and will determine which version will best suit your needs.  If your professional activities are not clear, you may also be contacted first by phone or email.

Please allow us some time to check your request.



Step 3: Download link and license key

Once your request has been approved, you will receive a download link and a 30 days Trial software key.
This key will allow you to setup the software and activate the Trial period for the next 30 days after installation