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ECtools Basic

Provides a full design procedure according to EC2 and EC8 and has all the features to design a new R/C building with or without complex cores.

ECtools Basic includes:

  • Full design procedure according to EC2 and EC8
  • Design of R/C linear elements
  • Design of R/C shell elements for walls
  • Separate editor for RC walls which includes all the specific characteristics (edge columns, minimum dimensions etc)
  • Section designer NOUS which permits the design of arbitrary complex R/C wall or column sections using Scia Engineer analysis results (3D integration of shell element stresses to Internal forces of the complex section)
  • Current European Concrete and Seismic code (EC2 and EC8).
  • Shear capacity design
  • Joints capacity design
  • Torsional response checks
  • Check for avoiding capacity design of joints
  • Storey displacements and drifts checks
  • Calculation of seismic joint with adjacent buildings
  • Check for P-Delta effects
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