Structural Engineering Software with SCIA Engineer

SCIA Engineer Buildings Examples


SCIA Engineer allows structural Engineers to design and analyse all kinds of buildings, office blocks, skyscrapers, apartments in materials such as steel, concrete or composite.
SCIA Engineer Civil Structures Examples

Civil Structures

Civil engineers daily rely on SCIA Engineer to model, analyse and design all kind of infrastructure projects such as bridges, tunnels, locks, barrages, bulkheads, overpasses, etc...
SCIA Engineer Industrial Buildings Examples

Industrial Buildings & Plants

SCIA Engineer comes with all the 3D industrial design tools needed in the process and power industry. Plant design professionals also get all the tools to design any hanger, large span halls in steel or concrete
SCIA Engineer Special Projects Examples

Special Projects

Many special projects have been designed, calculated and finally realized with SCIA Engineer. Such projects include mechanical equipment, stadiums, cranes, scaffolds, roofs, sustainable projects and more.