SCIA Concrete Section - Technical specifications

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General purpose

  • Fast assessment and verification of individual sections in the structure.
  • Optimisation of reinforcement for safe and economical design.
  • Clear and transparent calculation report.


Section definition

  • Selection of a typical cross-section shape: rectangle, circle, T, I, rectangle with rounded corners.
  • Manual definition of a general shape of the cross-section.


Reinforcement input

  • Templates of reinforcement for typical cross-section shapes: rectangle, circle, T, I, rectangle with rounded corners.
  • Free input of reinforcement for cross-sections of a general shape.



  • Capacity
  • Shear + torsion
  • Detailing provisions



  • Capacity – response (ULS) - This check evaluates stresses and strains in the concrete and reinforcement.
  • Capacity - interaction diagram (ULS) - The resistance of the section is calculated using the 3D interaction diagram.
  • Shear + torsion (ULS) - The interaction of shear and torsion and is evaluated.
  • Detailing provisions (ULS) - The detailing provision as stipulated in EC EN 1992-1-1 are checked.
  • Stress limitation (SLS) - Cracks in the cross-section (for short term load) are evaluated. The calculation is based on the stress-strain distribution.
  • Crack width (SLS) - Cracking forces for an uncracked section are calculated and the limit value of the crack width is determined.
  • Deflection (SLS) - Deflections are determined based on the long-term stiffness and curvature under total load. Also deflection limits are calculated.



  • Comprehensive and transparent calculation report.
  • Optional level of detail – from a summary table to in-depth coverage of the whole calculation.
  • References to code-clauses applied in individual calculation steps.
  • Easy verification of the process and results.



  • The final calculation report can be exported to MS Word.
  • The report can be also saved as an image and included in other applications.


Instant help

  • The documentation is integrated in the application and can be shown in a separate window.