Archive: SCIA Engineer 18 and before

An extended archive of downloads about the setup or patches of SCIA Engineer can be found in this document.
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SCIA Engineer 18

Version Standard Setup (exe) Distribution Setup (zip) * Release Notes
SCIA Engineer 18.1.3104 Setup  18.1.3104 Distribution Setup 18.1.3104  + Cloud Protection
SCIA Engineer 18.1.3104 (64-bit)  Setup 18.1.3104 (64-bit) Distribution Setup 18.1.3104 (64-bit)  

* This is the full setup of SCIA Engineer to be used by admins who want to install the same version on multiple PC's.

SCIA Engineer 17

Version Full Download Link Web Setup What's new Release Notes
17.1 SCIA Engineer 17.01.2102 Web Setup What's new 17.01 Release notes

SCIA Engineer 16

SCIA Engineer 15

SCIA Engineer 14

SCIA Engineer 2013

SCIA Engineer 2012

SCIA Engineer 2011

SCIA Engineer 2010

SCIA Engineer 2009 and older

Esa Prima Win (EPW)

Version Download Link
3.100 EPW 3.100.231
3.90 EPW 3.90.201
3.60 EPW 3.60.497
3.60 EPW 3.60.420
  License key configurator

Drivers and software tools

Title Type Notes
SCIA License Server (FlexNET) License software   
HASP Driver (for server USB key) Dongle driver   
Sentinel Driver (for standalone USB key) Dongle driver   


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Free User