Error when starting calculation: “No nodes found in project data!”

If the following error message appears when starting a calculation ...

... it means that the solver does not recognize any nodes to take into account for the calculation. This can have different causes – so different solutions are proposed.


Solution 1

In case the SCIA Engineer project has been exported via the File menu > Export > New project (.esa), you might get this message when starting a calculation.
The solution is then to go to the Main menu > Cleaner, and select there the options ‘Results’, ‘Temporary solver data’ and ‘Mesh’:

After using this Cleaner tool, the calculation will start without the error message.


Solution 2

If the following message appeared when starting a calculation ...

... just before the message “No nodes found in project data!” appeared, it probably means that all members are located in a layer with as property ‘Structural model only’. This means that not any member (nor node) is taken into account for the calculation.

The solution is to simply deselect the option ‘Structural model only’.

Note: Of course you are allowed to indicate some layers as ‘Structural model only’. The members in those layers might be visible on the screen (if the option ‘Current used activity’ is selected), but are not taken into account for the calculation. Therefore a warning message is shown when starting a calculation.