Concrete Building Design with SCIA Engineer (Online)

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20/04/2021 - 14:00 to 17:30
21/04/2021 - 14:00 to 17:30
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349.00 Euro
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This Multi-storey buildings training is aimed at advanced users of the software and allows to acquire, in 2x half-days, the knowledge required to model and design a concrete multi-story buildings from A to Z according to the Eurocodes in SCIA Engineer.

The training will be based on a typical example. The model will be sent to participants before the training so that they can follow with the trainer.

This training is for users who are already familiar with SCIA Engineer and have acquired the basic knowledge.

What knowledge will you obtain?

Our trainer will show you tips and tricks on how to model a concrete multi-story building and how to perform the design of it from A to Z. The points discussed during this training are:

  • Modelling of shear cores / Transfer slabs / Ribs and beams;
  • Modelling of Raft foundations;
  • Results interpretation and integration members;
  • ULS and SLS design according to the Eurocodes;


Day 1 (14pm to 17:30pm)

  • Modelling of shear cores: how to model in order to assign the shear forces on shear walls and only vertical loads to columns and none bearing walls.
  • Modelling of transfer slab: define the properties and hinges in the correct way to respect your structural detailing
  • How to model Ribs/Beams / Stub RC Wall
  • Raft Foundations: best practice to consider soil conditions
  • Mesh setup and analysis
  • Results interpretation and using the integration member

Day 2 (14pm to 17:30pm)

  • ULS and SLS checks for columns
  • ULS and SLS checks for Beam / ribs
  • ULS design of Slabs and walls
  • SLS checks for slabs and Code Dependent Deflection CDD
  • Punching design
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    The training is provided by an experienced engineer from SCIA's Customer Service Department. In order to ensure interaction between the participants and the trainer, the training is given for a small group up to 10 people.

    Each participant will use the software during the training and puts directly into practice the different aspects addressed with individual exercises. At the end of the training, you will have the necessary knowledge for an efficient and autonomous use of the topics covered.

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