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The innovations in Allplan 2015

Get ahead of the competition with Allplan 2015

We aim to develop an Allplan version that provides you with the best possible tools for your success. In accordance with the principles of Building Information Modeling, we help you to improve project quality, react flexibly to changes and generally work more efficiently.

Section Along Curve

Create exact sections along any axes with just a few clicks. In this film, learn about the new "Section Along Curve" tool in Allplan 2015. This enables you to create exact sections along axes consisting of arcs, clothoids and splines with just a few clicks.

Model Tendons

Create 3D tendons far more easily. This video shows you how to create three-dimensional tendons with Allplan 2015. The new tool determines the double-curved 3D axis of the tendon from the axis and gradient. This significantly simplifies complex construction.

Certified IFC Interface

Optimum import and export with the open IFC standard format. In addition to the already certified Allplan IFC export, import has now been tested and certified in Allplan 2015. This ensures reliable data exchange and optimized workflow with other OpenBIM solutions.

Real Reinforcement Bar Diameters

New quality in reinforcement for highly reinforced structures and details. This film explains how you can use the "Real Reinforcement Bar Diameters" tool in Allplan 2015 to achieve a new quality in reinforcement resulting in smooth installation on the construction site. This is particularly true of highly reinforced structures such as power stations and bridges, as well as highly reinforced details on nodal points.

Direct Modification in Reinforcement Planning

New possibilities for the direct modification of the reinforcement drawing. In this video, find out more about the options for direct modification in reinforcement planning. Change the key placement parameters directly in the drawing and remain optimally focused on your reinforcement detail.

Modern Palettes for Bar Shape Placement

Improved workflow for 2D reinforcement input with palettes. For the 2D reinforcement mode, Allplan 2015 now also provides placement as points in the modern palettes for placing bar shapes. During placement, you can activate or deactivate the placement as points at any time. This provides you with a very smooth workflow when entering 2D reinforcement using palettes.

Real Time Renderer

Create realistic animations in just a few seconds. Find out here how you can use the Real Time Renderer to create a realistic, interactive animation of the building model in just a few seconds. This provides you with immediate visual feedback and you can check various views, camera settings and materials to obtain the best possible scene setup.


Powerful render engine CineRender directly in Allplan. This video shows how you can generate high-resolution renderings with the help of the extremely powerful CINEMA 4D render engine (CineRender). With this, you no longer have to spend time synchronizing the models in Allplan and CINEMA 4D.

Creation of Materials

Create materials with ease using the optimized "material editor". Here, find out how you can use Allplan 2015 to create materials with the revised material editor. The video explains the use of textures, bump maps, reflections etc.

Light Setup

Reach your goal more quickly with the new light setup tool. This film explains how you can use Allplan 2015 to set the position of the sun using the "Define Surroundings" palette.

Sketch Renderer

Generate sketches directly from the 3D model. The new visualization mode"Sketch" in Allplan 2015 is ideal to derive an abstract picture of your ideas in the early design stages and thus preserve mental flexibility regarding the choice of materials for the builder. You create sketch representations in plan view, elevation view and perspective view. Of course, the design parameters can be customized in various ways.
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