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SIMBIM Solutions

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About SIMBIM Solutions

SIMBIM® is an innovative and fully integrated BIM (Building Information Modelling/Management) architecture and construction consultancy in Spain, with offices in Madrid and Barcelona. Our main objective is the implementation of BIM for the private and public sectors within the construction industry (AECO) through the distribution and implementation of the leading European BIM software solutions, technologies, workflows, and standards such as ISO 19650.

At SIMBIM®, we are distributor of GRAPHISOFT, SCIA, and dRofus, and we are also Bluebeam Gold Partner in Spain and Portugal. Parallel to our commercial distribution activities, we are the first GRAPHISOFT learning centre worldwide and one of Spain's first buildingSMART accredited training providers.

We offer an innovative way to address the architecture, engineering, construction, and operation industry (AECO) challenges. Our innovative solutions are through professional consulting, distribution, sales, support, implementation, training, and contract maintenance of software solutions, technologies, workflows and standards related to the construction industry, digital transformation and BIM.


Sales Information

  • SIMBIM Solutions Madrid: P/ Castellana, 79, planta 7, 28046, +34914893929
  • SIMBIM Solutions Barcelona: C/ Marie Curie, 8-14, A122-A124, 08042, +34932936672
  • SIMBIM Solutions Pamplona: CEIN, Polígono Industrial Mocholi, 31110, +34848440571

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