Helsinki Music Centre, Finland


The Finnish engineering firm Vahanen employed the BIM method and Allplan software for the design and structural planning of the Helsinki Music Centre.

Several aspects made the planning for this building particularly ambitious. For example, the concert building is situated 14 meters below the surface to avoid obstructing existing city vistas. At the same time, the groundwater level is so high, the below ground section of the building had to be designed as a waterproof concrete basin. Special acoustic requirements also needed to be met – with the added difficult being that the building is located very close to a busy street. The building design itself embo-dies the “box in a box” principle, with fiv smaller halls and the central component of the large concert hall being, so to speak, “suspen-ded” with the aid of vibration dampers as a separate space within the surrounding building.

The Allplan software provided the engineers with optimum support during their work, thanks to the efficient 3D reinforcement design smooth data exchange and the automated generation of floor plans, views and section from the model.