What’s New in Scia Engineer 2013.1 Webinar (English)

Datum semináře: 
Pátek 29 Listopad 2013 - 10:00 - 11:00
Max. počet účastníků: 

This webinar was organised to bring you up to speed on the numerous new things in Scia Engineer 2013.1.

Several interesting topics are covered:

  • Engineering Report improvements
  • More transparent output in the steel code checks
  • Seismicity: interstorey drift, accidental eccentricity
  • Updated US steel design to AISC 360-10
  • Brazilian concrete code
  • etc.

More info on what's knew can be found here in our 
Scia Resource Center


Webinar on the new features of Scia Engineer 2013.1


You can review this webinar on Scia's YouTube Channel