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scia.l.movingloads - Moving loads

  • Modulecode scia.l.movingloads
  • Software
    • SCIA Engineer
  • Categorie Belastingen / Combinaties
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  • It is possible to define a system of mobile point, line, and surface loads (train loads).
  • Arbitrarily shaped trajectories (tracks) may have straight or curved parts.
  • Automatic generation of load cases for each load position.

This module allows simulation of moving loads along a specified path on 2D members. Train loads are suitable for the modelling of complex loads on structures such as:
traffic on road- and rail-bridges, viaducts, etc.
crowd movement on pedestrian bridges and floor slabs.

Train loads

  • Passing of predefined groups of forces (representing a traffic load pattern) along a track is simulated by a series of load cases. Each load case corresponds to one position of the load on the track;
  • The number of considered positions depends on a user-defined step size;
  • The loaded slabs may be flat or curved.

Traffic load patterns

  • Traffic load patterns may consist of concentrated and/or uniformly distributed loads;
  • Traffic load patterns can be shared among projects, being library elements;
  • Predefined traffic load patterns according to EN 1991-2, SETRA and French FASCICULE61 standards are provided.

Traffic lanes

  • User manually defines the track along which the traffic load pattern will move;
  • Tracks can be updated and do not need to be redefined after changes in the model geometry - changed node coordinates, cross-sections, etc.