Reference Projects

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Hans Wilsdorf Bridge - Geneva, Switzerland

The studies and realisation of the Hans Wilsdorf Bridge required a multidisciplinary team of experts in: special works, civil engineering, environment issues, and bridge design, all integrated within one company.

U2 Stage - 360° Tour - Around the World

This project is about one of the largest stages ever toured in any field of entertainment. The structure’s central grid is raised 28 metres high, with legs traversing the width of a soccer pitch.

The Confluences Museum - Lyon, France

The size and complexity of the museum made it a very special challenge to design the different sub-structures: the base, the cloud and the crystal. Load panels were used to apply the wind tunnel loads and the “absences” tool proved quite useful. The full model contains 27,000 nodes, 32,000 beams and 7,000 load panels.

Fly-Over - Kerensheide, The Netherlands
This project concerns a new fly-over at the ‘Kerensheide’ junction, this within the scope of the Emergency Act, issued by the Minister of Transport and Public Works.
Warehouse for Spent Nuclear Fuel - Temelín, Czech Republic

The warehouse is divided into two parts, the receiving and the storage unit. The building is a monolithic reinforced frame structure with a precast monolithic roof.

Dredging Bridge A.M.O.R.A.S - Antwerp, Belgium

The project of A.M.O.R.A.S (from “Antwerpse Mechanische Ontwatering, Recyclage en Applicatie van Slib” which means “Antwerp company of mechanical drainage, recycling and application of silt”) consi

Adnoc HQ Tower - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The project is located at the Abu Dhabi Corniche and consists of a 75-storey office tower and two levels of basements.

Structurala - Orchidea Tower - Bucharest, Romania

This project comprises two adjoining office buildings in the shape of a butterfly.

Procter & Gamble Plant Cairo, Egyupt

This project relates to the extension of the P&G plant of Cairo, Egypt. The building is designed to produce industrial agglomerates.

River House - Prodis plus s.r.o. - Slovak Republic

The River House is the main building of the multifunctional River Park complex on the left bank of the Danube River.