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5 inventions that changed the construction industry

5 inventions that changed the construction industry

The evolution in construction technology throughout the last years is marked by a few breakthrough technologies which make construction safer, more efficient, and more sustainable than ever. 

Cross laminated timber

Cross laminated timber (CLT): the building method of the future?

CLT boards are nothing new, they have been produced since 1995 but have not been included in standards until now. Their use in the construction industry was regulated by technical guidelines at European level (ETA: European Technical Assessment).

SCIA Parametric design and Visual scripting

Parametric design and Visual scripting

Parametric design is becoming more relevant. Especially as the construction industry is only now becoming more open to the wide use of technology.


SAF: From silos to flexibility

The global pandemic has been disruptive in many ways, one of them being the undeniable impact on companies and their pace of business. 

Responding to the Ukraine crisis

We are shocked and saddened about the human impact of the current situation in and around the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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