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Ready to elevate the engineering game with SCIA Engineer 24

Details of Ready to elevate the engineering game with SCIA Engineer 24

Hasselt, Belgium, March 12, 2024 – SCIA, a prominent figure in the European structural analysis software market and a proud member of the Nemetschek Group, is thrilled to unveil SCIA Engineer 24, marking a significant milestone in giving customers the power to create outstanding structural designs. 

The heart of SCIA’s mission is the commitment to customer satisfaction, driving continuous enhancements to its software. The new SCIA Engineer 24 reflects this dedication, highlighting a range of new features and improvements to streamline workflow and take the productivity to the next level. 

SCIA Engineer 24 introduces one complete version, eliminating the need for users to navigate between different configurations. This will obviously improve the workflow and help save valuable time.  

But the most significant revolution is the brand-new solver. Users can now experience faster calculation times thanks to enhanced multi-core parallel computing capabilities. This latest improvement is completed by more control over the calculation process, allowing users to monitor ongoing tasks, review results, and interrupt processes as needed with ease. 

Furthermore, SCIA Engineer 24 expands its analysis capabilities, containing a wider range of use cases and eliminating the need for time-consuming workarounds. This includes the ability to conduct construction stages analysis with more options available, handle 1D and 2D members in concrete non-linear analysis simultaneously, and the simulation of orthotropic slabs for long-term deflection calculations. 

In addition, SCIA Engineer 24 comes with a vast number of various improvements across diverse parts of the program, including license management, user interface enhancements, input and modelling, code-design (steel, aluminium, concrete), export, … 

And finally, SCIA demonstrates its dedication to user-driven innovation through the integration of the top three features, as chosen by the SCIA Engineer community, into SCIA Engineer 24.

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