Verification of the bearing capacity of the Ingrandes suspension bridge

Lina Himdi
Université de Grenoble Alpes

The project concerns the balancing and the calculation of the lift of the suspension bridge named "Ingrandes", it was therefore necessary to dissect the archival documents, not exhaustive, to find the basic data and to fix the assumptions of materials and the geometry before launching the modelization.

The calculation uses the geometrical non-linearity of materials and second-order effects (large displacements), hence the use of SCIA Engineer.
Modeling requires balancing the model before proceeding to the step of calculation.

Given the large scope of the work, different SCIA Engineer models were used, one model for Baudin spans (hangers only) and a second model for Arnodin spans (hangers and shrouds).

To sum up, this project aims to:

  • Fix the calculation hypotheses (hypothesis notes: use of archives + French freeze)
  • Model the bridge on SCIA Engineer
  • Check the balancing (balancing note: SCIA Engineer use)
  • Calculate the bearing capacity of the bridge by checking all the following elements (stiffness beam, cables, hangers, ...: use of SCIA Engineer + Eurocodes)
  • A summary note justifying the final load-bearing capacity found

This project won the 3rd prize in the SCIA Student Contest 2021.



Lina Himdi"My name is Lina Himdi, I'm 26 years old and I'm Moroccan. I am currently working as a design engineer at Artcad, which is a project office in engineering structures based in Lyon. After graduating from Morocco as a civil engineer, I have decided to continue my studies in France. I obtained two master's degrees in civil engineering and risks. Being of curious nature, I turned towards a profession of design and calculation which pushes to create, imagine, innovate and find adequate solutions to specific problems.
Becoming a design engineer has always been my biggest dream. I believe in the fact that humans have always needed to design an infrastructure (building, bridge, tunnel, etc.) to ensure a healthy lifestyle. I have always been passionate about huge construction projects (bridges, skyscrapers, etc.). It’s a profession which mobilizes in-depth technical skills and therefore represents a mixture of imagination and scientific rigor."


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Mathieu Briffaut
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Master 2 constructions , risques et montagne

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Winner Student Contest 2021
Winner Student Contest 2021
Winner Student Contest 2021
Winner Student Contest 2021