Wander Link (pedestrian bridge)

Ida Gummersheimer
Hochschule Bochum
Pedestrian bridge - Winner SCIA Student Contest 2021

The city of Dortmund planned to rebuild an existing bridge because of its old status and the non-compliance to new standards. In a central location in the Dortmund city area, the bridge provides a pedestrian link to the Messe Dortmund exhibition grounds, and the adjacent football stadium via the 6-lane to the city centre.

The bridge is heavily frequented during trade fair events and especially on match days but is also popular with stadium visitors as a meeting point. The arch-shaped existing structure from the 1950s has gradients of slopes of well over 6% and is not barrier-free according to the recognized rules of technology. 
The city of Dortmund is planning a barrier-free replacement of the foot and cycle path bridge, so the task is the design and optimization of the supporting structure of a barrier-free replacement bridge.

The structure is to be planned as a bar structure in steel construction.

Pedestrian Bridge - Winner SCIA Student Contest 2021

Ina Gummersheimer worked on this project during her study: "In my third semester I gave a presentation on Ben van Berkel including his work, the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam. The bridge is held up by what looks like one artfully shaped pylon, which inspired me to design my own bridge. I went with two pylons and planned the number and position of the hauling ropes. It was my favorite design I built in SCIA Engineer and I designed and calculated it with loads in combinations. I adjusted profiles but never lost sight of the visuals."

This project won the 1st prize in the SCIA Student Contest 2021.


Who is Ida Gummersheimer 

"I'm from Germany and I just finished my Bachelor in Architecture at the Hochschule Bochum.

I have always been a creative person and wanted to study something that I would like to do for the rest of my life. What I find so exciting about architecture is that it's not just about being creative, but also about creating something that really works. It covers so much more, such as economic, ecological and logical factors and much more. There's always thinking about the future involved and how architecture can best respond to that by giving as much as possible. It is constantly evolving and that makes it very exciting!"


Other Details of this Student
Graduation Year: 
Mentor / Professor: 
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Maas
Branch of study: 
Architecture (B.Sc.)

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Pedestrian Bridge - Winner SCIA Student Contest 2021
Pedestrian Bridge - Winner SCIA Student Contest 2021
Pedestrian Bridge - Winner SCIA Student Contest 2021
Pedestrian Bridge - Winner SCIA Student Contest 2021