Contractors are now faced more than ever before with new challenges, but also new opportunities. New contract types (IPD) and always higher pressure on costs and deadlines require improved collaboration between the parties and increase the need for early stage design decisions. Next to obvious cost savings, ecological concerns require optimization of the amount of concrete and steel used on a project to minimize its carbon footprint.

Save costs and materials thanks to an optimized structure.

Scia Engineer will help you to design the structure according to the latest building codes, whether it's a single-family home or the largest skyscraper and cable-stayed bridge.

Thanks to the efficient user interface you will be able to explore multiple variants of the structure, use the built-in AutoDesign features or even perform advanced optimization algorithms to save materials and costs.

Eliminate errors on the building site by detailing even the reinforcement in 3D.

With Allplan Engineering, never has it been so easy to detail even the most intricate details in full 3D. This has been proven to greatly improve communication with the building site and to reduce errors in an early stage.

Repetitive work, inconsistencies and delays due to inevitable changes that occur on a project are reduced to a minimum thanks to the central 3D model, the associative views and the generated bill of materials and reports.

Perform collision checks on the computer screen rather than on the building site.

When you have the power of an accurate 3D model, you can resolve any clashes at an early stage. Make sure that the beams have the correct length to fit on their supports and that no air-conditioning pipes appear in the middle of a bearing element.

Streamline the interdisciplinary collaboration.

Merge, review, analyze and check for rules and constructability the IFC models from several disciplines within the Solibri Model Checker. This unique solution represents a new paradigm for project managers and coordinators.