Industrial Plant Design

Industrial plants are often highly complex structures designed around the core processes, machinery and equipment of the plant. These structures have an intricate geometry and very high safety concerns as they are mission-critical (power plants) and sometimes deal with dangerous materials (chemical industry, etc.). Structural engineers dealing with plant design need to be able to handle large structures integrating with their main plant design software applications.

Plantas Industriais

Scia Engineer is structural analysis and design software ideally suited for industrial plant design:

  • Combine multiple materials like hot-rolled or built-up steel profiles and cast in situ or precast reinforced concrete in the same project
  • Model exchange with plant management systems or detailing software
  • State-of-the-art modeller
  • Built-in collision control to a reference model (eg for pipes & equipment)
  • ​Detailed international code support (IBC, Eurocodes, BS, DIN, etc.) with extensive and customizable reporting
  • ​Wide range of analysis capabilities for the most demanding load cases: earthquakes, aircraft impacts, temperature
  • Derive General Arrangement drawings straight from the analysis software to improve communication within the project team

With Allplan Engineering, the concrete parts of the plant or adjoining buildings can be perfectly detailed and reinforced in 3D. Formwork and reinforcement drawings are produced directly from the model for execution.

Collaboration is more than ever a crucial factor to execute a project succesfully. Thanks to the wide range of interoperability formats supported by both Scia Engineer and Allplan Engineering, integration with your existing plant & process design software is straightforward : SDNF, IFC, PDF, VRML, etc.