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MuCEM Marseille

In 2002, at the close of the international invitation for proposals for the design and construction of the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisation (MuCEM) on pier J4 in Marseille, the French Ministry for the Arts designated Rudy Ricciotti's team to construct the building and Rudy Ricciotti as chief architect.

The EMOC (now OPPIC) was appointed as financing authority. The building's architectural design is a resolutely modern and daring structural scheme, for which sustainable development is taken into account by giving preference to UHPFRC (ultra high performance fibre-reinforced concrete) for the construction of the structure's main elements: the tree-shaped columns, the main floor beams, the concrete skin façade and roof, and the footbridge to Fort Saint Jean.

Quote of the Jury: "The jury was fascinated by the project's design and innovative use of advanced ultra high performance fibre-reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) for nearly all the main construction elements including a 130 m footbridge, in combination with advanced technology of prestressing material. In addition the innovative façade creates an intricate, illuminated user experience from within the building."

MuCEM Marseille, France - Inspirations in Engineering User Contest Winner Category Buildings