sencd.07 - Hollow core slabs checks



A state-of-the-art tool for the analysis of prestressed concrete structures, in particular in combination with construction stages and time dependent analysis.
Adaptation according EN 1168/C1.
Introduction of new shear formula.


Hollow core slabs checks Special check of hollow core slabs for shear, splitting, shear and torsion, support conditions and punching according EN 1168 in addition to EN 1992-1-1 and 1992-1-2.

This tool calculates and checks hollow core slabs with or without openings in a very fast and user-friendly way. Using the general cross-section module, you can define your customized set of hollow core cross-sections.

The library of cross-sections can consist of each kind of composite hollow core slab. You can easily parameterize the thickness of the topping. Then you just pick a set of hollow cores you want to calculate and pick the appropriate strand patterns for it. Then the checks are performed, and you can see whether the hollow core slab is properly designed or not.

Finally, you can calculate what is called load-capacity diagrams. Using the batch processor module, you can calculate the maximum span for a predefined template of a hollow core slab. You can analyse the influence of individual parameters, like load, concrete grade, time of loading, creep factor, set of strand patterns on the maximum allowable span.

Hollow core slabs checks Hollow core slabs checks Hollow core slabs checks Hollow core slabs checks

Required modules:

  • sen.00

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