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scia.a.prestress - Prestressing analysis

  • Module code scia.a.prestress
  • Software
    • SCIA Engineer
  • Category Analysis & Results
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  • Post tensioned tendons
  • Pre tensioned tendons

This module allows modelling and analysis of prestressed and post-tensioned concrete structures. 



Prestressing module makes it possible to define geometry, material, and other properties of prestressed and post-tensioned internal tendons. Free tendons are not currently supported.

The tendons input is made in three steps:

  • Bore hole pattern is defined, i.e., the location of holes in the "face-plate" is defined.
  • Sectional strand pattern is specified, i.e., which holes of the "face-plate" are "filled" with a strand/wire/bar.
  • Beam strand pattern is input, which means that the shape of the strands/wires/bars along the 1D member is defined.



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