Uninstalling of SCIA Engineer via CCleaner or registry

When uninstalling SCIA Engineer with Add/Remove programs or via "start -> run -> uninstall command", there are still some files of SCIA Engineer on the computer.

By using the program CCleaner it is also possible to delete the program from your computer. Also the registers can be cleaned, so all the SCIA Engineer files are deleted. CCleaner can be downloaded free of the following website:    
After installing CCleaner, you can start the program.

To delete software go to "Tools". Select the program you want to delete and click on "Run Uninstaller". If this does not work, you can also choose for "Delete Entry".

CCleaner will uninstall SCIA Engineer now.

After uninstalling this program, some parts are still in the registry. To delete those parts also, go to "Register" in CCleaner.

Click here on "Scan for Issues":

CCleaner will make a list with the found problems. By using the button "Fix selected issues..." the selected problems will be solved.

(It is also possible to backup changes to the registry)

We advise to repeat this process until no problems are found anymore.

It is also possible to delete the registers manually without using CCleaner. Here the necessary caution has to be taken.

Go to "Start > Run" and type the following commando in the window which will appear: regedit

Delete the following folder manually:
-- HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Scia -> Esa->XX
-- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> Scia -> Esa->XX
XX = version of SCIA Engineer which you want to delete.