How to use the result picture generator?

The result picture generator:

  • takes the information about the results from the result table;
  • takes the viewpoint of the image;
  • views the result set in its properties.

The result picture generator requires an indented result table and an indented live picture.

First, you’ll add the ‘Result picture generator’ item which you can find under the group ‘Special items’:

Result picture generator

Then you can add an item from the ‘Results’ group (for example ‘1D internal forces’). This item should be indented:

Add item

Now you can add a live picture from SCIA Engineer to the Engineering report:

Add picture

This picture should be indented as well:

Indent picture

You should define in the properties window of the generator which results need to show in a picture. In the following example, pictures for the selected results ‘N’ and ‘M_y’ will be generated:


In the properties of the results item you should define the properties of the result (for example the selection, type of load, …).

Finally, after regenerating the generator you’ll get as result a result table and a picture of the results you have selected (in this example N and M_y for the ULS combination):