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Solve graphical issues

Details of Solve graphical issues

  • Module code ESA1816
  • Software
    • SCIA Engineer
  • FAQ topic

This FAQ contains some tips and tricks to solve graphical issues: e.g. black screen, issues in the graphical scene (e.g. nodes not visible when zooming/panning via cursor), vizualisation issues of the Navicube,...

In Windows you can go to the Graphic settings (via Windows home button or Control Panel > System and Security > System > Display > Graphic settings).

There you can add your SCIA Engineer via the Browse button

Via the Options button you can set the graphic performance to High performance. In other cases it's recommended to set the performance to Power saving.

It's also possible to set this High performance setting via the graphical card itself (often they also have some kind of control panel).
For Nvidia you can manage the settings via Nvidia Control Panel. There you can go to Manage 3D settings > Program Settings and add the desired SCIA Engineer version (location of SciaEngineer.exe for the new interface or esa.exe for the old interface). Then you can set the preferred graphics processor to High-performance NVIDIA processor and set OpenGL GDI compatibility to Prefer compatible:

It can also help to install the latest version of the driver for the graphical card. Drivers for graphical cards can be found via their website, e.g. for Nvidia: