How to rotate structural entities around a certain axis?

The ‘Rotate’ icon is situated on the ‘Geometry manipulations’ toolbar:

While rotating members in a 3D environment, there’s a choice between three options:


1) Working plane normal vector

This means that the rotation axis (= a direction vector) is defined perpendicular to the active working plane. The active working plane can be chosen at the bottom of the Command line:

If for instance the active working plane = Plane XZ, the rotation will be done around the Y axis of the GCS (or active UCS). Furthermore only the center of rotation has to be defined.


2) Define axis by cursor as met cursor

In this case 2 points on the rotation axis have to be selected, or their co-ordinates have to be entered on the Command line.
It might be convenient to select the first point with the cursor, and to use subsequently relative co-ordinates. E.g. “@0 1 0“: the ‘at’-sign indicates that the co-ordinates (0 1 0) have to be taken relatively with regard to the first point.


3) Enter custom 'axis vector': x / y / z mm

In this case the rotation axis is defined as a direction vector with regard to the origin (0 0 0). If for instance 0 / 1 / 0 is filled in, it means that the Y axis of the GCS (or active UCS) has been chosen as rotation axis.