Is it possible to define a cross-section yourself?

The module esa.07 General Cross-section allows users to create their own cross-sections.

Go to profile library and choose new section.

Then choose for General:

After adding the General cross-section, the cross-section editor is opened:

In this cross-section editor a cross-section can be created.
Profiles can be loaded from the profile library or dwgs can be loaded from a Cadprogram. Or it is possible to draw your own cross-section in this editor. The materials these profiles consist of can also be chosen. For instance a steel tube filled with concrete can be created as cross-section.

After having created your own cross-section, you have to push ‘refresh’. By this the properties of the profile are calculated.

These profile properties are used by the program for calculation. So it is perfectly possible to calculate the internal forces and deformations.