IDEA StatiCa 21 Release Notes

The new IDEA StatiCa version 21.0 aspires to further streamline the engineering design process. We have improved the analytical model for more accurate results. We are speeding up designs by adjusting the position of members relative to each other. Engineers can now slash the time of defining simple and moderate connections because IDEA StatiCa will propose them automatically – a new design proposal feature. Version 21 also brings major AISC update with explanations and tips.

The new 21.0 version of IDEA StatiCa brings another batch of enhancements in Concrete to the engineering community as well. Starting with IDEA StatiCa Member application to be thoroughly verified and taken from BETA, accompanied by a set of improvements to the RCS application, such as fire resistance or the Detail application, where the main attention has been paid to the CSFM solver. This all helps our application to provide faster calculations while improving stability and reliability.

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