Past Events


Learn how to automatically convert any 3d structural model from any CAD software into a high-quality analysis model.

SCIA AutoConverter

Join our launch event on Tuesday June 16 2020 and find out more about this new game-changing solution.


You will learn a general information about the IFC file format and its file schemas


Watch our webinar to see how to input climatic loads correctly and effectively in SCIA Engineer


In this second part of the webinar, we will demonstrate another way to design our steel hall: based on results from second-order analysis with initial imperfections. 


INTEROPERABILITY BETWEEN SCIA ENGINEER AND IDEA STATICA: how to optimize the productivity of structural engineers


The complexity of today's projects means that engineers have to offer increasingly refined expertise as time for investigation become more and more short.

The goal becomes to analyze structures in a 3D environment, covering the specificity of each element, and provide a complete and detailed engineering report. To achieve this objective, SCIA allows exhaustive analysis and complete interoperability with many other structural calculation tools.

Online Session with Bekaert

Do you want to know what SCIA Engineer can do for you? Discover it during our online Afternoon Tea Session.

SCIA Engineer

Solve your every-day engineering challenges with SCIA Engineer, structural analysis software.


In this webinar, we will explain the optimal way how you can use SCIA Engineer based on the type of the project to calculate the final practical reinforcement. 


Watch a recommended workflow regarding design of steel halls.