Past Events

SCIA Engineer 21.1

Take the full advantage of collaboration: IDEA StatiCa Checkbot, SAF 2.0, BIMCloud update

In our webinar you will learn how SCIA Engineer 21.1 will help you collaborate more effectively, error-free and effortlessly with your project partners.

SCIA Engineer 21.1

Model and analyse cable structures, connections and other elements effectively with version 21.1

More and more often, structural engineers are facing challenges resulting from futuristic architectural designs. Simple calculation methods are no longer sufficient in handling all the issues. SCIA Engineer offers a wide range of advanced analysis types for various situations.

SCIA Engineer 21.1

Reinforcement design on integration member / in multiple layers

Lintels, split-level slabs or e.g., core walls can be newly analysed and designed in SCIA Engineer using a virtual “integration member”. Attend this online seminar and learn how the new functionality can help you design reinforcement in such structural elements.

SCIA Engineer 21.1

Accurate, economical and fully transparent design of any cross-section

Join us for this webinar and discover how the updated module for the design of composite columns provides not only accurate, safe and transparent, but also economical solution

SCIA Engineer 21.1

Brief overview of all new functionality in version 21.1

The transformed user interface with its leading-edge ergonomics presented in earlier this year has been further fine-tuned to make your work even more effective. SCIA Engineer 21.1 comes with a brand-new marking menu as well as a broad collection of other improvements and extensions.

Industry Workshop IstructE

Tackling workflow complexities: structural design and analysis session with ISTRUCTE.

SCIA Engineer 21 Webinar

Model modifiers for modal and seismic calculation

Watch this webinar to see a new option in SCIA Engineer 21 that allows you to use model modifiers for seismic load cases and modal calculations. As a result, you may easily verify the impact of stiffness reduction on the eigen frequencies of the structure.

SCIA Engineer 21 Webinar

Code-dependent deflection extension

In the SCIA Engineer, the code dependent deflection (CDD) command serves for a fast and reliable check of long-term deflections of reinforced concrete members (like beams, ribs or slabs) according to Eurocode 2.

SCIA Engineer 21 Webinar

FEM improvements for cross-section and setting for bow imperfections

With version 21, a new method has arrived to calculate the properties of your sections. Tune in to learn what limitations the ‘full FEM’ method can overcome and how it provides a good solution for any cross-section shape.

The second topic of this webinar concerns a small improvement with a major impact: the default settings for bow imperfections. This new option will speed up your process for second order calculations.

SCIA Engineer 21 Webinar

Find out how utilization factor can help you save material!

The previous implementation of the valorisation project SEMI-COMP+ n° RFS2-CT-2010-00023 has been extended in SCIA Engineer 21 with the introduction of the utilisation factor η. This brand-new method offers a new, more economical way to determine the class for stability checks in steel.

In addition, in this webinar we will also present the winner of our user poll: a full length lateral torsional buckling restraint.