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How to integrate your custom-made calculations into SCIA Engineer

Integrating your custom-made calculations into SCIA Engineer will ensure smooth and error-free exchange of data between SCIA Engineer and your application and will allow you to see your results side-by-side with the results of SCIA Engineer’s FEM analysis and built-in code checks, which will in turn significantly boost your productivity.


Watch this webinar and learn how SCIA Engineer's built-in Engineering Report and Picture Gallery can significantly speed up this project phase.


Discover what's new in SCIA Engineer 18.1 – enhancements in  concrete, steel, composite design, IFC4 ... and much more


Explore the new smart and sophisticated solution for the design and calculation of steel fibre reinforced concrete we co-created with Bekaert, the leading global wire producer.


The latest release, SCIA Engineer 18, contains a host of new functionality including a robust solution for modelling, analysis and design of composite beam floor systems according to EN 1994-1-1.


BIM in practice: practical demonstration of enhanced and extended interfaces with Tekla Structures and Revit.


Overall summary of new features: brief presentation of all new features delivered in SCIA Engineer 18.


Simulate the reality using the advanced calculation types in SCIA Engineer. Practical demonstration of various types of non-linear calculations in SCIA Engineer.


Cylindrical tanks or bins are utilized in a wide range of industries to store/hold bulk solid material and liquid. The analysis and design of these cylindrical tanks is a complex engineering problem that requires engineers to evaluate complex loading conditions including wind, seismic, product and hydro-static. 


Composite beam floor systems dominate the steel multi-story building sector. Register to learn how SCIA Engineer handles the entire process.