Reference Projects

Here you will find all project references in the language you are in right now. We also invite you to browse through our other references in other languages. Just use the "Language drop down" on top.

The Wuhan New Energy Institute including an Exhibition Center is a new-built project of 70.000 m2 gross in the Wuhan Future City development zone in Wuhan, China. 

Scia Engineer - Canopée du Centre Culturel - Mascate, Oman

The Ministry of Heritage and Culture (MoHC) of the sultanate of Oman had the ambition to construct a large cultural centre in Muscat and transform it into a meeting place and true urban centre of the city.

Scia Engineer gas service station design

Service area – a reinforced – concrete structure featuring three funnel – shaped columns that support a melded trio of curvy horizontal discs.

The Spectrum - Aluminium Space Frame Building - Alkmaar, The Netherlands

In October 2009 De Boer has launched the Spectrum. This is a temporary/semi-permanent space solution for the international rental market.

ING Real Estate has developed a multifunctional block of buildings in the old centre of Budapest.

Three adjacent building blocks, Boulogne Billancourt - Paris, France

This block has been realised in an inner courtyard in Paris. It is very attractive due to a playful and optimized use of the steel structure.

Thanks to the tremendous mechanical properties and lightness of the steel skeleton, the realization could be conceived.

Hard-coal power station, Karlsruhe Rheinhafen, Germany

This new generation of high-tech coal-fired power stations with a gross output of approx. 900 MW will be constructed from 2008 to 2011.

Stage with reproduction of the Brandenburg Gate - Berlin, Germany

The project concerns the design of a stage with a backdrop to host one of Germany’s most popular comedians: Mario Barth.

Traffic noise reducing barrier - Eindhoven, The Netherlands

The project regards an acoustic screen, composed of 6.0 m high aluminium tubes, with variable diameters, random assembled in a box construction.