Thesis Graduation Projects from Students and Postgraduates

Here you will find bachelor and master thesis projects that we received from students using SCIA software.

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Currently, constructions of bamboo are still made empirically, based on the results of load tests on test pieces. In this research, the technical feasibility of constructing a four-floor building with bamboo as the main material of the self-supporting structure was verified. 

(Débora Coting Braga  |  Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia – Escola de Engenharia Mauá (IMT-EEM))

Fachhochschule Trier

TK 3 - Abschlussprüfung - 3. Fachsemester
Gradierwerk Arnsberg
Konstruktionsentwurf - Dimensionierung

(Heiko Bernitt & Björn Böhnke  |  Fachhochschule Trier)

TU Delft

Bridges offer great potential for the use of high strength steel grades (HSS). The main advantages are generally a result of reduced weight and cross-sectional dimensions. Design stresses can be increased and plate thickness may be reduced, resulting in significant weight savings.

(Mrs. Eleni Gogou  |  TU Delft)