Precast Concrete Industry

The precast concrete industry is showing a solid growth worldwide. Quality, productivity, efficient cost and value management from project inception to completion, independence to weather conditions, etc. are just some of the advantages of precast concrete over traditional construction methods.

However, a precast concrete industrial today is faced with specific challenges:

  • How to save on materials and costs?
  • How to program machines directly from a 3D model?
  • How to be sure that the expensive machines in the factory are used efficiently?
  • And how to guarantee traceability of an element from early design stage, production, transportation and up to erection?

Planning software for the precast parts industry means more than just commercially available CAD software in the construction industry. Automated precast parts production requires the consistency of data from planning to factory and assembly.

It requires automation and the highest efficiency with series products, as well as full flexibility and high-performance functions, in order to plan and produce complicated precast parts. This applies to all types of precast parts, from basic ceilings right up to complex architectural elements and specialist parts.


Unique software for planning, structural analysis and organisation: Allplan Precast, Scia Engineer, TIM


The Nemetschek precast software solution supports the technical areas of a precast company, from the planning of precast parts, to operations scheduling, logistics, production and right up to assembly and settlement.

For the planning area, this is Allplan Precast, software aimed at professionals for highly efficient planning. A plug-in secures quick and error-free data exchange with Scia Engineer for structural analysis.

The other company departments use the work results of the planners with TIM, the Technical Information Manager, for virtually planning tasks, processes and decisions.