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IBC codes supported in SCIA Engineer

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  • Automatically generate load combinations according to the International Building Code (IBC 2012/2006)
  • Application of 3D wind loading for enclosed and partially enclosed structures according to Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures (ASCE 7-10 & 7-05).
  • Implementation of Equivalent Lateral Force Procedure for seismic load application using the polynomial distribution of accelerations for vertical distribution of forces prescribed in Section 12.8.3 of ASCE 7-10. Additional accidental eccentricities can also be applied to the structure as a separate load case.
  • Design of steel and composite steel members according to all applicable sections of the AISC 360-10 specification. Strength based AutoDesign is included for steel, while a combination of strength, service and constructability optimization is included for composite steel beams for member and shear connector design.
  • Design of concrete shear wall and moment frame systems using static and dynamic analysis results according to ACI 318, including all applicable detailing provisions for shear walls, columns and beams as well as seismic provisions. Additional pushover analysis is implemented according to the Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Buildings (ASCE 41-13).
  • Fully integrated cold-formed steel design according to AISI NAS 2007, including mixed material structures. Checks for web crippling and shear in the case of sections with stiffened webs or arbitrary cold formed sections, including the average yield strength and steel core thickness.
  • Virtual joists analysis and design consistent with expectations of steel joists manufacturers and the Steel Joist Institute. Within the software, joists with non-uniform loading or joists included in a lateral load resisting frames can be determined to be special and are given a designation which includes the depth of the virtual joist and a diagram showing the actual loading on the joist member. Additionally, typical joists can be designed utilizing the standard load tables (K, LH, DLH or KCS).

SCIA Engineer constantly improves its support of US codes (IBC - International Building Code).

Within SCIA Engineer it is possible to automatically generate load combinations according to recent International Building Codes (IBC 2012 & 2006) as well as the specification for Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures (ASCE 7-10 & 7-05).

Recently, several enhancements have been implemented for steel, cold form steel, composite steel beam and concrete shear wall design in order to increase productivity for both standard and complex structures.


  Applicable code US code
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Load combinations

ASCE 7-10

ASCE 7-05

Wind Loading (Enclosed/ Partially Enclosed structures)

ASCE 7-10

ASCE 7-05

Seismic Loading (Equivalent Lateral Force Procedure) ASCE 7-10  


Composite beam AISC 360-10

Concrete frame

ACI 318-08

ACI 318-11

Concrete slab ACI 318-08
Concrete shear wall ACI 318-14
Steel Frame Structures

AISC 360-10

AISC 360-05

2001 LRFD

1989 ASD

Cold Form Steel Frame Structures AISI NAS 2007
Steel Bar Joists SJI Standard Specification (43rd Edition)

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