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NBR code in SCIA Engineer

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  • Calculation of design values of internal forces for concrete columns, taking geometrical imperfections and 2nd order effects into account.
  • Design of reinforcement for 1D members, consisting of a predefined or arbitrarily shaped cross-section.
  • Design of longitudinal reinforcement for 2D member according to ULS.
  • Response check for 1D concrete member (based on check of the limit values of concrete and steel stresses and strains).
  • Check of the deflection and crack width for 1D member according to SLS
  • Check of the crack width for 2D members according to SLS
  • Design of steel and steel cold-formed members for tension, compression, flexure also considering combined actions.
  • A wide variety of open cross-sections can be analysed for localized buckling effects
  • The effective width derivation is fully integrated in SCIA Engineer's general design work flow for steel structures
  • All outputs available for presentation in Engineering Report.

SCIA Engineer is more and more interested in the overseas market. Besides the implementation for the US market there are also many improvements for design and check functionalities for concrete and steel structure according to the Brazilian code (NBR). The solution is based on a powerful Open Design technology. Brazilian customers are able to use the open material library with concrete and steel grades and automatic generation of load combinations according to NBR. This made it possible to easily perform analysis of the internal forces .

The concrete module offers an overview of the available functions for the design and checking of reinforced concrete columns and beams according to the NBR, it is implemented in compliance with the latest NBR 6118:2014.

Besides concrete SCIA Engineer covers also steel projects. Most of the articles of the NBR 88000 for design of steel and composite structures of buildings has been implemented . Wide range of development has been done also according to the NBR 14762 for design of cold-formed steel structures.

SCIA Engineer 15 is able to support 1D and 2D elements. Ultimate and serviceability limit state combinations are implemented.


The precise coverage of the Brazilian code SCIA Engineer is listed in the overview table below

  Applicable code NBR code
    brazil flag


Load combinations NBR 6118


Concrete frame NBR 6118
Concrete slab NBR 6118
Steel Frame Structures NBR 8800
Cold Form Steel Frame Structures NBR 14762
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