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New features in SCIA Engineer 22 – masonry design

  • Software
    • SCIA Engineer,
    • Frilo
  • Category New features by version
  • License Perpetual, Subscription


  • Possibility to export wall/part of the wall with its related entities for a detailed design into FRILO Masonry Design MWX+
  • Related loads and results are exported with the structure too
  • Easy setup of the wall for designing and its visible representation directly in the 3D scene
  • Possibility to make additional changes to the exported structure in the Frilo Masonry application


This module allows you to take advantage of a direct link between SCIA Engineer and FRILO Masonry Design MWX+ applications. It can help you with designing masonry walls. The link allows you to export a part of the structure with the wall to-be-designed from the global analysis model in SCIA Engineer in a specific format with all the necessary neighbouring entities. All the loads and internal forces from the SCIA Engineer model are included in the exported structure and can be used for the design check in the FRILO Masonry application.


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