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Getting started with SCIA Engineer

Are you a new user of SCIA Engineer? To help you get started, follow the steps below.
They will help to get you up and running on our software.

Step 1

Downloading software

download software

SCIA Engineer licence

First, you will need to download and install your licence, whether you already purchased it or are using the free trial.

Step 2

Getting started

Introductory video

Watch the how to get started video

A short introduction to SCIA Engineer for first-time users of our software, explaining the interface and to how to model a simple structure.

Watch these 3 short introductory video's that will continue to guide you through your first steps in the software

Input 1D members

Input of 1D members

Get familiar with how columns and beams are created in the software.

Watch our video tutorial

Input 2D members

Input of 2D members

Next, watch how a general slab is modelled and added to a structure.

Watch our video tutorial

Input supports

Input of supports

Learn how to define basic boundary conditions and get your model ready for analysis.

Watch our video tutorial

Step 3

Becoming an expert

Try using the software yourself and start practising your first designs in SCIA Engineer

Concrete slab tutorial

Concrete structure

Follow the step-by-step tutorial and model your first concrete structure. Download our tutorial here.

Steel frame tutorial

Steel frame

Follow the detailed instructions in this tutorial and create your first steel hall. Download our tutorial here.

Composite structure

Composite structure

Model and analyse your first composite structure. Download our tutorial here.

learning zone
Learning zone

Building your knowledge

You can always keep learning and improve your knowledge of SCIA Engineer. We have lots more videos, webinars, training sessions and other online resources, at your finger-tips.

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