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Nodal loads input tool

Engineers often exchange data about point loads, to take the reactions from one part of a building as loads on the other part. This data is sometimes presented with 6 values per node (3 forces & 3 moments for each X, Y, Z axis). As SCIA Engineer approaches node loads differently (1 value, with an arbitrary direction), this Excel-based tool will facilitate the input of such data in SCIA Engineer.
Use this MS Excel VBA-based tool to import the defined line loads on Beams into SCIA Engineer.
Input the parameters for line loads on beams. Very useful when you have to add a lot of line loads, or when you want to ‘generate’ these loads yourself, and import them into SCIA Engineer.


Macros need to be enabled for this tool to work.

  1. Copy-paste the forces data to the “Point loads” sheet
  2. Click “Create file” to generate an XML input file for SCIA Engineer (and its associated “*.xml.def” definition file)
  3. In SCIA Engineer, make sure that there are load cases and node names as used in the Excel
  4. Importing the exported Line Load on Beam into SCIA Engineer
    • Open SCIA Engineer
    • Open the .esa project from point 1. (see above)
    • Select Main menu > File > Update from > XML file, and select the exported XML file from point 3. (see below)