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SCIA Spiral Staircase

senpy – Python framework to generate SCIA Engineer data

The senpy package is a small Python framework to facilitate the generation of XML-files for SCIA Engineer. There is one example file ( that shows how to use the senpy framework to generate a spiral staircase.


Basically you have to import into your own Python script, and then you can use:

  • The SEN_Node class to create nodes
  • The SEN_Beam class to create 1D members (line, arc and parabola)
  • The SEN_Support class to create a point support in a node or on a 1D member
  • The writer class to write the XML file.

Importing the generated XML file into SCIA Engineer can be done by:

  • Opening SCIA Engineer
  • Creating a new .esa project
  • Selecting Main menu > File > Update from > XML file, and then selecting the XML file that was generated with the senpy package