Is it possible to obtain the response of the structure as a function of the applied frequency?

When defining a dynamic harmonic load in SCIA Engineer, the frequency (and damping) is determined.
Further, the load is entered just like a static load.
If you want to define that same load with multiple frequencies, you will have to create multiple load cases in which you enter each frequency.

Tip: by copying load cases, the contents are also copied.
(in that way, the static load itself must not be defined again, only the frequency has to be changed)

These load cases can then be grouped in a class.

After a linear calculation, the results can be obtained.

These results can be requested by each load case (belonging to a particular frequency) or by class (the enveloping result of all the load cases).

However, if you are interested in the displacement of a certain node, you can always obtain this value per load case (so per frequency), where the load cases (frequencies) are plotted on the horizontal axis and the displacement is plotted on the vertical axis.

This is illustrated in the following figure: