How does SCIA Engineer design a cross-section with uni-axial or bi-axial loads?

Based on the default setting (concrete setting), SCIA EN will check the ratio rhoo,M between the two moments (My &Mz).

The limit of this ratio can be decided by the user and by default it is My/Mz =0.1. 

So if this ratio is < 0.1, then the design will be uniaxial around My or Mz . 

In addition, the user can ignore this ration and select the way for the design. There are three options for that:

Uniaxial around z- Design of uniaxial bending moment Mz only. My will be taken as zero.

Uniaxial around y- Design of uniaxial bending moment My only. Mz will be taken as zero.

Biaxial design- both moments will be considered.