How to personalize the toolbars?

In SCIA Engineer the customer can choose which toolbar style has to be applied, and it’s even possible to personalize the toolbars.

The choice is made via the Setup menu > Options > tab Environment > Current style of toolbars.

In the most recent SCIA Engineer versions the default setting is the ‘Light’ version. With that the toolbars contain a selection of the most frequently used icons (as determined by means of a survey).

Would you prefer the full set of icons to be available within the toolbars, then you can choose for the ‘Full toolbars’ version. If you change to this version, SCIA Engineer has to be closed and re-opened to load the chosen version.

The difference for e.g. the ‘Project’ toolbar:

The third option is the version ‘Customized by user’. When changing to this version, SCIA Engineer has to be closed and re-opened as well to load the chosen version. Afterwards you can manually adapt the original toolbars and/or create new toolbars, at which the modifications are maintained. This is possible as follows:

Via an arbitrary toolbar you can open the ‘Customize’ window. On the ‘Toolbars’ tab a new bar can be created. On the ‘Commands’ tab an overview of all available icons within Scia Engineer is given.

Let’s choose from the ‘All Commands’ category e.g. the icon ‘Show / Hide FE mesh’. By dragging and dropping it with the cursor, it can be added to the desired toolbar: